Why I Heart My Media

It’s a complicated story. Compare it to a destructive teenage love, the one you can’t get enough of but deep inside, you know it’s not good for you. 

This is how I would describe my relationship with the media. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but then again, how can you not? 

Today, we are the media. We are our social media profiles, we judge and love each other upon the basis of media. Like, dislike, comment or share. That’s the language of our time. 

So, what makes it destructive? Could it be the fact that the off button is the hardest piece to find on any electronic device? The fact that I am addicted to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? Because I am addicted, and every time I try to delete the app for a few weeks as a “challenge” to see if I am capable of disorienting myself from the internet, it never lasts. Eventually, I give in, and redownload all of them, simply because the urge is too strong.

Why am I addicted then? Well, through my social media I feel connected and a part of something. I can talk to my family members, send memes and funny reels to friends, see inspirational content to help me stay motivated and on track in life. It is also my main source to receive news and stay updated on what is happening in the world today. This is all amazing, and that is why I do love it. I am never really under stimulated anymore because there is constantly something to look at on my phone. 

Media also helped us stay connected through the worst pandemic of our time and it even helped me graduate high school although the final year I only stepped foot on campus 2 times. 

Media helps us humans become more efficient. Everything goes faster and smoother today thanks to the media. 

But why is it destructive then, you may ask? I believe it might go too fast, and therefore we get lost in it. Problems like misinformation, mental health problems, corruption, and privacy violations are things that are out of our control, but affect us all daily. It is scary to think of this topic, but I think the solution to it is to talk about it. Nowadays we frequently learn more about the hidden truth of the media thanks to whistleblowers from companies like Facebook. 

As history has proven, power belongs to the people and since we usually are the product when talking about different media they have to listen to us if we demand change.

I am positive that we will find a solution that works for all parties. And we can change this destructive teenage love into a healthy long-lasting marriage.  

Linnea Zoe Wolgsjo, 13868950


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