The Dangers of Tinder in Croatia

This is not a story about how I almost got murdered on my trip through Croatia.

This is the story of how I found love through media.

Earlier this year, I spontaneously packed my stuff, grabbed my best friend and went on a trip through Eastern Europe with her. As the weeks passed, we found ourselves in Pula, Croatia. We planned to stay there for some days even though it was raining. But there`s nothing better to do on these kinds of days than swiping on Tinder, right? To me, Tinder was all about finding new friends and people to hang out with, because during that time of the year it was really hard to meet new people since there was still a pandemic going on. On my quest to find new friends, I matched with this guy on the 8th of April. His bio said that he prefers vanilla over chocolate, which immediately convinced me and made me swipe right (his curly hair was also a factor of course). At this point he was 365 km away from me.

We started texting a lot and I realized that I really wanted to meet him, so I talked to my friend and told her about it. Since we planned to go to the South of Croatia anyways, we decided to make a stop in Zadar, where he`s from. 3 days later we arrived there and I was so excited for our date. Knowing that I was about to meet a stranger from the internet, I had to keep my friend updated by sending her a text every 30 minutes to make sure that, in case I did get murdered, she would at least know right away. However I survived and had the best date I ever went on. After a total of 5 dates, I had to leave Croatia again, feeling really confused. I did not know what I was feeling and why I was so sad to leave when I only knew him for a week. Saying goodbye left me heartbroken and, even though we had talked about me coming back for summer, summer was a long way to go.

Back in Luxembourg I was happy that we kept in touch. While texting or calling each other every day, we soon realized how much we actually liked each other and that we could make this work. After 7 long weeks of only seeing each other through a screen, I took a one-way ticket to Zadar, finally being able to hug him again. I knew that it was the start of a new chapter in my life, beginning with the most amazing summer I could ever have wished for .

I moved to Amsterdam over a month ago and once again it was so hard to see him leave when I got to the airport. But he decided to join me in Amsterdam and while we`re counting the days for him to come, our phones are helping us to make it easier being apart.

For some people the following part might be too cheesy so if you are sensitive to that, consider this a warning. This story is the reason why I love my media. I found someone that helps me grow as a person and makes me feel the best I have ever felt about myself. Without our phones, Whatsapp or Snapchat, this would have never worked out the way it did and I am forever thankful for Tinder giving me someone so special.

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