The greatness of Media

Media has helped me tremendously much in my life. This is why I love media.

My childhood wasn’t the easiest, when I was 7, my parents started to have arguments, fights (verbally), disagreements, and hate towards each other. This lasted till I was around 15. Thanks to this, I got a lot of mental stress which is of course not healthy for me. So I needed a way to relieve myself from this, that is where media came in. From watching series on the television to listening to music on my phone, the escape from the stress was media.  Media was not only an escape for me but a way to find entertainment and love as well. Here I made tons of friends online through gaming who are now one the most important people in my life. Career opportunities, I am a pianist and through media, I have made several connections that made it possible for me to perform and be seen. And the most important one of all, I have found love through media. Without media, I wouldn’t have been who I am now, I don’t even know if I would be alive right now. That’s how important the media is to me.

Jackie Mok



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