It has been a while since I stopped trying the “social media detox”, I mean what’s the point to try to avoid media? Why should I deprive myself of such an amazing and interesting experience? The feeling and the fear of missing out something important is definitely not worth the attempt of trying to live a more “natural” life, especially since my main source of information, fun, creativity and connection with my friends back home is, in fact, social media.

As soon as I pushed away the idea of abandoning social media from me, the prospect of embracing them took place instead, and my point of view changed radically. Yes, I get distracted a lot, especially while studying and yes, I might have taken the wrong train a couple of times while watching Tiktoks or calling my boyfriend, but this is definitely my fault, not media’s.

Now, focusing on the content I watch and follow online, I can recognize how my person evolved and is still evolving thanks to the numerous activists I follow and to the wide number of information I’m able to obtain, therefore I wouldn’t be able to take a step back and limit myself to watch the national newscast or to read those old fashioned newspapers.

Last but not least, media are a source of endless fun: how many times did I cry over a fun tiktok? Quite a lot actually. And how many times I cried over puppies/ kittens/ babies videos? Again – plenty of times. I’m still asking myself how that crazy platform is still free.

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