Why He Hearts His Media.

Media helped this 5 year old kid believe that he could shoot webs and swing from buildings, and taught him that with great power comes great responsibility.

Media showed this 8 year old kid moves from wrestlers to try on his younger brother, but it was his mother who taught him that they should not be replicated, as the poor brother was getting flung around.

Media treasured this 10 year old kid’s memories from his school that he was about to leave on Facebook, and helped him remember all the great years he had at his new home.

Media hosted this 13 year old kid’s video game clips where he recorded himself playing games with his friends, which he later deleted because he was too embarrassed to look at them again.

Media made this 16 year old teenager feel insecure about himself because of his circulated drunken videos. This teenager later quit social media hoping the embarrassment would go away just a little bit.

Media helped this 17 year old teenager build and maintain his relationship with his girlfriend while the world was on fire, the streets were off limits, and communication other than your parents was a taboo. While the world was in chaos, he was still the happiest man alive for 2 hours a day.

Media broke this 19 year olds heart when he and his girlfriend broke up over video call when the restrictions were up again. Media also helped him recover with connections to his other friends and family. For being all alone, he was blessed with support from all over the world.

Media is communicating this soon to be 20 year old man’s experience and life with it to you, the reader, who can hopefully see how blessed you are to have media in your lives. He would never have been the man that he is now without it, so he welcomes it with open arms. Embrace it, live it, but most importantly, ❤ it, as it ❤’s you, and it’s never going away.

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