Do I Love My Media?

Do I love my media, or do I resent it for preventing me of living my life to the fullest?

I see my media as a way to escape my everyday life. Films, music and all the social platforms give me comfort when I need it most. After a busy day, a hard exam, an argument I had with a friend – all I want is to shut off my mind and dive into the world of my favorite tv show, YouTube channel or my Tiktok page. I can do it from the comfort of my own home, without ever feeling lonely, sad, angry, or judged.

But by doing this – am I missing out on what is happening all around me?

Am I missing out on spending time with my family, who can help me with my problems and lift my bad mood? Am I missing out on talking to my friends, making new memories that I can reflect on in bad times? Am I missing out on traveling the new city I just moved into and creating my own little adventures? Am I missing out on taking care of myself?

Am I using media as a distraction from reality? or is the media giving me things that other people, or even myself, can not provide me?

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