Relaxation and self expression

For me, media is a form of relaxation as well as a way to express myself. If I have had a busy day because of work, school or social gatherings, I am exhausted afterwards, and so I use media to relax. For instance, Netflix or other streaming services enable me to watch whatever movie, television programme, or series I would like to watch. As much as this is a form of relaxation, it is also a temptation because it is very tempting to watch a show or movie instead of doing the things you actually need to be doing like schoolwork.  

I also use media to express myself. I use apps like instagram, and snapchat to post certain pictures and videos that make me happy. This way, I can create an archive with all my favorite memories and I can share them with my friends as well. The downside however, is the fact that while I am on instagram I encounter a lot of “perfect” photos that other people post. These photos sometimes make me a little insecure about my own pictures, but I try to remember that most of these pictures are highly edited to look a certain way. 

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