Sometimes it’s hard for me to differentiate what is media and what isn’t, because in a way, we are all affected by media and we all contribute to media, even if we don’t know it. I remember being little and looking at TV infomercials, i wondered how people were so gullible to believe everything they saw on their big flat screens, ironically, not even a half decade later I found myself buying products i didn’t really need because a fitness vlogger on YouTube recommended them. I found myself judging my face and body because I didn’t look like other girls my age on instagram or other social media platforms. However, around 2018, I remember downloading TikTok and following people who didn’t make me feel bad about myself, people who preached about loving yourself the way you were and spreading kindness to others, that’s when I truly appreciated media, because even if in the outside world, i could look into a mirror and cry, I felt like I always had a safe space to go back to. A space that wouldn’t encourage unhealthy eating habits or toxic mentalities. I have to say, it’s hard finding the people you want to show up on your feed, but it’s important to make sure they are making you a better person.

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