Why I heart my Media?

When I start thinking about why I actually heart my media, I even don’t know to what exact point I need to go back in time to answer this question. Maybe, this love story started with the first memory of my parents turning on cartoon tapes for little Elizabeth. Or, maybe it warmed to me when I created my own YouTube channel for giving a thumb up to Gangnam style. 

Alas, we’ve outgrown the fairytales. For us, adults, whose hearts were entirely broken and even destroyed, love is not only about adoration. 

Sometimes my heart is fraught with hate. All these things I see every day become incredibly nauseatingly and ironically I feel like starting the war against the machines. I want to crash my iPhone into the smallest pieces possible, delete all my clouds and data from the Web and ride off into the sunset without leaving any clues about how the world can see me again. 

Sometimes I feel like losing all possible feelings towards media. Our relationship reminds a boring routine and I experience a bad lack of serotonin. Even handpicked memes become incapable to please me. But albeit I can not and do not want to imagine our “break up”.

I do not have the heart to say it is a big part of my life, cause it is life itself. It gives me smiles, it gives me tears, it gives and simultaneously takes away everything I want and need. The most paradoxical thing across the globe. Exactly as the human brain, which is the only organ that studies itself. 

And my dear media has a similar approach with dealing this shit. 

Yelyzaveta Terentieva, 13352393


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