Comfort in media

How much I want to hate the media and the negative impact media can have, I kind of love the media.

If I look back to the media in my childhood, it started as comforting. I remember it as a good time, watching TV and movies with some friends and eating good snacks. But later on (social)media kind of had a big negative impact on me.

When you’re a teenager, you can really struggle with who you are and who you want to be. The media created an image who I had to be (and it still does sometimes).It gave an unrealistic image of who you must be to be popular or perfect, so people like you.

But years later, (social) media has changed in some ways. People post more realness and they begun to talk about real issues. And so became social media comforting again. Especially TikTok (I hate to admit that), but because the algoritm gives you what you want and like, it felt as a safe space. Through social media, I owned my sexuality more and I’m really gratefull for the person I became.

I wouldn’t have been the same without my media (so cliché, but the truth).

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