Why I neither love nor hate my media.

To put it short:

Black Mirror is why I hate, or let’s say, feel nervous about media.

Life in a Day, as an example of why I love media.

Now, to explain this thought a little bit:

We do not have to argue how immense the effects of media have become nowadays. They have always been important, we learnt that. But now, with most parts of the world being connected – meaning, being able to interact – the lovely thought of only beautiful connections and opportunities, goes hand in hand with all the dangers this brings.

To me, Black Mirror was a pretty good summary of all the possible, dystopian impacts media can have (our dependance on media, surveillance, misuse..). As director Brooker states,  “there is no escaping a black mirror now that it has permeated throughout nearly every home across the globe”. And this is what scares me. Us media students, academics or experts, we might have a slight understanding of what is happening with media right now (note that honestly, nobody knows how this is going to continue). But most people using it do not know, do not stay with the trouble, do not question their use or learn a healthy handle for it. This is dangerous. Everybody using media now, also includes Everybody who has no clue what they are doing, who they are harming, who they are influencing. By that, I especially address the younger generation growing up with this now. They surely will handle it more intuitively, maybe in the future even more carefully, but right now, there is just too much possible harm our media use can cause. And that, not even having mentioned all the harm that companies, politicians and other institutions cause through selfishly taking advantage of our missing knowledge about media. In short, our mediated world us not understood enough yet, for it having this much power, for us using it this blindly. If policy-makers, but also society all in all – does not address this change in our life, shit may go down soon.

I know I may sound very dystopian – but I feel like I don’t really need to mention all the wonderful, positive effects and opportunities I see in media. That’s why in my short intro, I summed it up by mentioning the documentary “Life in a Day”. To me, it beautifully reflects how connecting media can be. How all in all, we are in the same boat, on this same earth with these same struggles. Media connects, media makes us laugh, makes us love.

As a conclusion I want to change what I put in the headline.

I love my media, I love the connectedness, I live the richness of opportunities and knowledge it offers. But if we don’t look at what it does to us, very subliminally, I might eventually stop loving it.

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