Media Throughout My Life

Even though I did not grow up with a iphone or ipad, media came to me through cartoon shows and radio. Truly some of my best childhood memories came from watching cartoons on a Saturday morning at my grandparents house in the summer. I would sit in front of the TV all day and even though my brothers and I werent talking it was the closest I felt to them. Something about sitting next to eachother laughing at stupid jokes and not arguing connected us.

As I grew media became more prominent in my life, in middle school I got my first phone. At the time I only used it for calling and texting I was not allowed to have instagram like my older siblings. When I started using my phone for social media it was awkward, I felt embraased because all my friends new how to use it and I didn’t. Instead of asking them I just figured it out by myself. My perception of media changed drastically it was no longer cartoon on TV, but now it was snapchat and instagram which did not feel as friendly.

Now in my life I am so comfortable with media. I love media becuase media loves me back, it makes me happy by letting me connect to people. I can scroll endlessly on tik tok and forget any problem I had before. Media has largely shaped the person I am today throughout every walk of life and will continue to do so.

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