“so i wanna give credit, where credit is due”

Lately, I was reflecting that in the past years of my life, when I was saying “I love Media” I was only underling the adoration I have for the audio-visual world (feature film, tv series, animation series and videogames).  During high school, I spent hours and hours watching 3 or 4 films/ episodes (to be honest in the case of tv series I think more than 4 episodes) in a row. However, I believe it’s time to also credit social apps and the incredible work they did in shaping the person I currently am.

As a child of the African diaspora, I have always seen my mother being connected with her relatives through a mobile phone, so I believe that it was natural to me at the age of 12 years old to download immediately Instagram, twitter and whatsapp, both for the fact that I didn’t want to be cut off from my tiny group of “friends” and because, as the only black child in a small Italian town who attended the church summer camp and only white local institutions, I needed new friendships. 

Twitter was the one that opened a new universe to me. It was very threatening for the language and debates mode that many users utilized on that platform ( not that now it’s better, of course), however thanks to my film passion,  it was there that I met other “misfits,  who are currently among my dearest friends, and it helped amplify my knowledge in cinema, new media and also social and civil rights. 

Hopefully, those summers and days were relieved by the fact that I could share common interests, even though these people were living miles away. 

I am grateful to media for telling me and reminding me that although the current world is not designed to welcome you, there will always be an (in)visible worldwide community on which you can rely. You are never really alone.

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