Why I Heart Media

Love means that you are thinking of that at some point. You want to know more, you smile and cry more, you feel far away even though you are intimate, you feel resent and hate, and you have this feeling of longing. It is delicate, complicated, and imperfect.

I am in love with media. At first, I didn’t want to acknowledge it. I thought media should be a thing that I should be aware of and prepare for a war against it. I didn’t want to be that person who cannot be inseparable from media. But I have to admit, I have deeply fallen in love with media.

Loving media means you are thinking of media at some point. It could be anything. It could be your friend’s profile, your favorite celebrity’s tweet, or a funny viral video. Once you realize you are thinking about it too often, you want to know more. You want to know what’s more in the media. You want to explore and become closer to it. You begin to spend more time with media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Once you become fond of it, you will smile more. The media helps you cherish special memories and connects you with people. Google photo holds old photographs that bring back good memories you have forgotten. You can now get in touch with your loved ones who are far away easily with skype and facetime. However, it also makes you cry more. You will feel lonely when you are far away from home, and you see an Instagram story of your friends from home hangout without you. You will have this empty feeling when you go through social media. You could also feel angry as there is a lot of information and not all information is pleasant.

Media is complicated and has its flaws, but it has become life itself. No matter how hard you try, you can not stop loving media.

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