Why i heart my media?

When i think about what media means to me i always find it hard to put it into words. I feel like i am who i am today because of media – every song i have listened to, every movie i have watched, every instagram picture i have seen has had a huge influence on me during my adolescence. During some of the hardest years of my life when i was struggling with depression, i found comfort in my favourite artists and characters, i feel as though i would not be here today if it was not for them. Media showed me that i was not alone – there were millions of people out there who lived thousands of miles away but felt as sad and as trapped as me. And if anything, i am extremely grateful for living in an age when everyone is so connected and where people can share their feelings online. Because living in a family where emotion was cosidered a weakness was not easy, and media was my escape. So i always can not help but smile a little when someone asks me why i decided to study media, because the answer is always shocking but true – media is the reason why i am alive today.

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