Hate it or Love it

As 50 cent would say, but he’s probably not talking about media. I am. Today’s story will be about this weird love I have for media. The little girl that I was absolutely wanted to have a Facebook profile, when her parents said yes, she was delighted to finally be able to send messages to her best friend and upload photos of her dog. But it became quite toxic, seeing all of the popular girls getting a lot of likes on their pictures, lot of comments. She wanted to be famous on Instagram and was wondering why people were not following her. She was quite shy about sharing her life, but felt really bad to see that she was behind everyone as she came on Instagram, Snapchat as the same time that the girls of her age. She was feeling much much better with films and series because it was fictional people, it’s harder to compare to them. But thanks to media she got closer of certain people and using Facetime to call her friends and parents is clearly a must have.

Media is a giant resource of knowledge, of course this little girl loves media, who doesn’t ? When you live in this capitalist world, you, most of the time, also lives in this media world. This little girl, as growing up, tries to understand it better in order to get the best out of it. Getting the naked wolfe boots that everyone has on Tiktok will not make her a better person (even if they are really pretty we are not gonna lie).

Sometimes she would like to live alone in a cute cottage house in the mountains with a meadow of flowers and a lot of animals. But is it really a solution? Maybe. At the end, does this little girl really need to make a choice? Love or hate, let’s be indecisive, as long as she still put some love in her life 🙂



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