Why I Heart My Media

 I was born in a digital age, which means we are bombarded with media since we are born. When I was young, the media provided a lot of information to me and made my life more colorful. I can see the beauty of the whole world by surfing the Internet. Some social media like WeChat or Instagram could still make connections between me and my family and friends even if we are a long distance apart. Nowadays, since media become more intuitive and more convenient, we rely on it more than before. I just realized that if my phone is a human, he or she probably knows me better than anyone in the world. I go everywhere with my phone, they know what I like or what I hate, sometimes they could even know what I am thinking. When I feel lonely, I could have a video call with my family and friends, or watch some funny video which could make me feel happy. I remember when I first left my family, it was a hard time for me, I  miss my family very much, everything is new for me, and I didn’t even have any friends. But thanks to the media, I could have a video call with my family. Besides, I also used some social media like Whatsapp and Instagram to find people who shared the same interest as I do. We can post our life on social media, so even if we don’t live together or talk every day, We still know what each other’s lives are like and always feel we are tied together.

These are the reasons why I like the media, but I think it is much more than that, the media is so broad, it has penetrated into our lives. I believe that as we continue to understand the media, it continues to improve, we will like it more.

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