“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.”

I don’t know what Audrey Hepburn was thinking when she said those words, but I do know where my mind goes when I read them. They remind me of fond memories shared with my friends, my family. The first time I walked into a movie theatre with my dad or the tenth time I watched Jumanji with my mum when I was little. The endless amount of VHS recordings of my favourite films or the movie nights with my friends where I can’t even recall what we watched, but I do remember the laughter.

The reason why I love my media is because it’s always been a part of my life, like a link in a chain. Movies connect and entertain but they also offer a way to escape from the world we live in. They can give you hope or evoke some distant memories. Movies taught me so many lessons when others failed to do so. Some stories told on screen truly stayed with me and taught me what it means to be yourself, how important it is to do what you believe in and follow your heart. Yet they are so much more than that, however I think it remains in the eye of the beholder to decide for themselves. Still, they fueled the fire within me and I consider them a reason why I am who I am.

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