Love confession to social media

At first, I wanted to write about Instagram as my favorite kind of media. But then, suddenly it came over me and I realized, that I do not just love Instagram but social media in general. “Why?“, could one ask now. 

Yes, I know, almost everyone uses social media and loves it. But what makes the difference for me? In my opinion, social media are not just fun platforms to let the time go by. They might be a little bit, I have to admit. But the more important thing for me: social media have become insanely important in the business world. That might sound boring for some, but I think it’s amazing. 

The end of the 1990s were the beginning of the first social media and since then, social media have evolved from entertainment platforms to billion dollar companies. Today, they are platforms on which likes and followers are the currency and where posts can even change the stock price. Crazy, right?

The possibilities that social media give us these days are endless. And that’s why I love social media. 

Sara Böhm, 13912526


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