My love for Media; love or an obsession?

As a member of Generation Z, media have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I was emerged into this digital universe the moment I learned how to read and write. It always felt like a place I could escape to. I created my own little scenarios and stories while playing online games or watching other people’s content on YouTube. I lose track of time when truly giving into media, which sometimes results in real life feeling very far away; I guess you could say that’s the toxic side of media for me? Media have so many sides that it’s difficult to distinguish whether they have a positive or negative affect on me. For example, media gives us the opportunity to be close with others. We can see everything they do, where they are located, sometimes even what they are looking at. Media make it easy for us to become obsessive and controlling, because why not? The information is right there, in front of you. Every time I succumb to it, I feel kind of weak. Another trait of media I have mixed feelings about is your personalized algo rhythm. Sure, it’s great that it regulates content I am interested in, but sometimes it just gets too specific, as if it sees and hears things happening away from my devices. You kind of feel spied on, violated by your own media. Putting all of this aside, I still don’t think I could live without media. It has become part of my identity, sexuality, and the way I communicate with others. Though there are moments where I wish I could walk away from it, log off, delete my accounts, etc. I don’t think I ever will. Is that something you should consider love, though? I don’t know, feels more like obsession to me. I guess we’ll see what the future will bring us. 

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