Do I really <3 my media ?

when I think about the words ‘heart’ or ‘love’, my brain immediately starts to wonder; I actually don’t think I can give only one answer to the question “why I heart my media”. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that over the years I have established a love/hate relationship with my media… 

For example :  MY media has caused me to have body image issues but at the same time my media has also allowed me to connect with my loved ones which are all over the world; MY media has allowed me to graduate from high school but my media has also caused me to have severe social anxiety; MY media makes me feel like I belong but at the same time distracts me from being productive… I mean you get the point ! 

At the end of the day we can choose how our media makes us feel, although we feel like we don’t have power over these devices we can still control the long lasting effects it can have on us which is why sometimes it’s hard to take a break from it.. it’s like leaving a toxic relationship with the person you love. 

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