My Love/Hate relationship with Media

Media is a complex thing. Some will think about their social media, some will think about movies, some will think about communication and some might even think about books. The perception of media can be interpreted in different ways. When I think about media, I think about escapism in books, movies and series, but I also see media in dangerous way for one’s mental health. 

I’m so grateful that media exist in the way it exists nowadays. As a student, but even as a human being, life can be hard, it can be stressful and painful, and sometimes you just want to escape the real world. Most of my life I’ve been grateful to live in this world with how it is today, but almost every time I want to escape it. My life can be overwhelming, stressful and just in generally painful sometimes. I can, because of this, be very grateful for media and especially for books, movies and series, because for me it is a way of escapism. I’m my happiest when I am reading books or watching movies or series. So, I am really grateful for media. 

Despite that media is a form of escapism for me, I also despise media. You could say that I’m old school, because I don’t like to call or message people on phones, I would rather talk with people face-to-face. But because I don’t talk too much with people online, I am always getting excluded form parties etc., because they think I’m not social or anything, but I am, just not on social media. For people who have to deal with it, it can take a toll on their mental health, as it did with mine. That’s why I also despise media, because it can be dangerous for some people, because it can affect someone’s mental health. 

That’s why I love, but also hate Media. 


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