Social media-way worse than drugs

Good morning my online friends, in this short post I will share my media experience with you guys and precisely why do I think that social media is way worse than drugs.

Let’s go back to the days when we didn’t have the opportunity to use social media, or when even phones weren’t that much of a thing. When we used to actually talk to people in person, when we went out, we didn’t use the phone on the table that much. In my opinion, social media has ruined so many relationships. A lot of people are trying to be those perfect Instagram couple without any problems” the perfect couple” but while trying to achieve that they are ruining the (concept of a )relationship. They start to forget who they are, why are they with their partner, their values, this intimacy/privacy between those two people are gone. Or another example is FaceTime/Viber/What’s app/Instagram… Few years go we were actually excited about our loved ones to come home to talk with them to know how their day went, what did they do… But now because of social media we know everything in advance, we are not that excited to see this person at the end of the day and to know how their day went. Our generation can’t go even an hour without checking their phones it become a sort of obsession. Even the elder generation has started using this kind of technologies. Even-though I personally use social media every day, I believe that is has in some way ruined our lives.

Boris Fayad


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