Why I Heart my Media

Media and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it as it keeps me company when I’m lonely. I like it when all I feel like doing is laying in my bed and watching Netflix. I appreciate that sometimes it makes me forget about the bad things. But sometimes it also makes me miss out on some important things. That’s when I hate it, when I’m so immersed in it that I don’t notice time passing. I love all the possibilities that it gives me, the feeling of belonging to a community. How I can share and receive from so many others, learn about them and the world around me. How it makes life easier in countless ways, gives me access to almost everything by just a few clicks. But even though I love it all about it, I hate it at the same time. Because sometimes it feels like it takes the essence out of life. Like if I can experience everything online, there’s no point in experiencing it in real life. It makes me lazy, not curious or keen to explore. That’s when I’m afraid of it. Afraid of how it’s influencing me and how it shapes my perspective on life. Scared of the fact that even though I know of many positive but also negative aspects of media, I can’t seem to have control over how and when I use it.

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