Why I <3 my media

Nowadays, we live in a world of media. It’s everywhere, and it is difficult to escape from it. Many people find the increasing use of media in our everyday lives to be a negative thing, as the amount of media we are exposed to can become overwhelming at times. However, I have never thought of it in that way. Media are not good or bad , they simply are what they are, and we should decide how they affect us.

For me, media were always an escape, specifically social media. I always liked connecting with people, learning new things, sharing my life and learning about others. As we know, everything seems better and simpler online, which concerns me, yet comforts me in a way. I have noticed that my relationship with social media grew stronger and more intense ever since the pandemic broke out. I started to rely on social media in a way I used to rely on other people. For example, during lockdown my main source of entertainment was my iPhone and all the social media apps on it, not my friends. There were countless days I spent more time online than offline. This has changed as things are getting back to ‘normal’ again, and I’ve been learning to use social media in moderation and to my benefit.

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