Why I love and hate my media

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So to begin, in this case when I say media I am referring to social media, specifically tiktok, instagram and twitter because those are the social media networking sites that I make use of the most.

To begin I’ll start with what I love about my media, obviously I enjoy the entertaining aspect of these platforms but specifically the niche content that you can find on there and the types of people you can connect with that also enjoy the same content as you. I personally enjoy a subgenre of memes that are “cursed” meaning that memes could vary from a video of someone dropping a whole tray on their favorite pair of shoes or just some random picture of a chair with spikey glass pieces in it. Not a lot of people I know tend to find those kinds of things funny which is why I love the community and entertainment aspect that our media has to offer. As for twitter, it is very amusing for me to watch complete strangers fight with one another over a topic that most of the time is not even that significant. I also like apps such as tiktok where regular people can go online and talk about their views on certain topics, social media has given us more access to one another in a sense.

What I don’t like about media is some of the insincerity that goes on there, especially on instagram, influencers posting fake photoshopped pictures of themselves promoting harmful products to their followings that mostly consist of younger girls who look up to them. You have to be evil to sell fit tea to an audience of young girls for a check, and often times I see that influencers are evil which makes me more cynical about the world we live in. I also hate how normal people have started photoshopping the pictures they post and how people feel the need to post everything they’re doing as if anyone cares. I feel the app instagram has turned into an app with the purpose of proving to your peers that you’re having a great time and that your life is perfect. With twitter, sometimes go too far and dig up things from people’s past for absolutely no reason other than to ruin their lives.


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