I will be focusing on social media (Instagram) in this post.

The reason why I love social media is the same reason why I hate social media. I would say that the main reason I love it is the fact that I can post exactly the photos/videos I like and feel proud of. This means that I can share my life as I want others to see and experience it. I can make it look more glamorous or messy then it actually is. It is like a coloring book where I can color each page differently to tell a different story. This exact reason is why I hate social media. Everyone can show off their life how they want to and everyone including me can see it. This fact gives a lot of stress and anxiety for many people thinking their life should be looking the same way. Even though I know this fact, I still get insecure and start comparing myself to others. We are all living in this crazy mediated life and I guess the only way out is to learn to live with it.

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