Love media? Hate media?

I have really complicated emotions on media. Sometimes I love media the same as I love my life. Occasionally I think media is like an unseen big hand manipulate my life.

When I was a child, my parents tried their best to avoid me from digital media. Because they think the TV show and series will teach me badly. At that age, I thought digital media was a monster so bulk and powerful that it could easy to swallow me.

The first time I began to use media was in middle school ICT lessons. The first ICT lesson was an impressive experience for me. I knew I could virtually find the information and research.

From that time, digital media started to immerse me in my life. I can do lots of things in the media that completely unconsciously change my lifestyle. I began to rely on my phone. When I want to eat, the first thing that comes to my mind is neither cook for myself nor going out to eat. I turn on my phone and click the Delivery App. Media make my life much more convenient. I only need to lie down on my bed and do some ‘fingers exercises’. Then I can complete most of the work.

The intensity of loving media become much stronger after I go abroad to study. Although my friends, my families and I are all in different countries, we still can contact each other frequently. There is an invisible bridge that connects me to my friends and my family. Before I arrived in the Netherlands, I thought it would not be easy to adapt to the new life individually. However, the video calls make me feel I don’t apart from my family and friends. They are still with me only in different ways.

Even media can give me a general and colourful world. Sometimes I still want to be away from it for a short time. The ironic thing is I do not want to spend too much time on media. The time flies when I am watching videos on YouTube. I will spend the whole day time only watch other people daily Vlog. When I realized the time, one day was passing. I would regret what we had done for this day. Also, when I focus on my study and reading, some messages send from Apps always distrust my work. For example, the message popping up from Instagram “someone like your post and give you a comment”. That unseen big hand control my motion as I am a marionette. I will pick up my phone and click Instagram and then satisfy my curiosity. In the end, my attention is difficult to turn back to my work again. The feeling of crossing up the whole plan is making me mad.

If you ask me a question, “Do I love or hate media?”. I will not hesitate to answer it “I Love Media!”. Every coin has two sides. I want to stand on the positive side to view media even sometimes I would be a swing voter. Most of the time, the balance in my mind is Love Media is overweight.

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