Why I Heart Media

My relationship with media is complicated. When I start thinking about why I love media, I simultaneously have to admit to myself, that they are part of my identity. I like to think of myself as someone who does not depend on technology. But since I know that we cannot escape media, I am trying to think about what exactly it is, that I love so much about them. 

I love that media make me feel less alone. Although my friends live all over the world now, I am always connected to them. When everything goes wrong, I know that they are only one call away. Also, when I feel unsafe, I feel like my phone is protecting me, as if I am never really alone.

I love my music, biking with my headphones on while my favorite band is singing to me. Without my music, life would be less magical and simply boring.  

I love how media enable me to educate myself about any topic there is. Media save me from actually having to talk to people about certain topics or issues, especially those I am insecure or embarrassed about. 

I love online shopping and not having to leave my house for it.

I love having the opportunity to take photos and videos at any given moment, and sharing them with my friends. Actually, I enjoy upholding this slightly better-looking, “cooler” version of myself on Instagram. Online I can control how people perceive me. In real life, being yourself can be really hard. 

I love watching my favorite movies, getting inspired by creative content and people online, trying to do the things they do. This is certainly not only a positive aspect about media, since this constant comparison with others can be extremely demotivating and painful. 

Without media, my world is small and restricted to time and space. 

Media are my favorite people, my source of inspiration and my happy place. And even though my love for media includes a variety of emotions, I think it works just like any other relationship in life:

If you spend too much time with each other, it can be overwhelming and unhealthy. But if you spend some time apart, you start to appreciate them more, you start to realize what it actually is that you love so much about them. 

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