We are not alone

The most important thing that media taught me is that everything we experience is okay. Someone else can have the same experience somewhere else in the world.

   For instance, I am a full-time introvert and antisocial person. When I moved to the Netherlands, I was excited about new coffee spots to try, new paths to go for a walk. However, everybody around was talking about how excited they are about partying and drinking. I do not enjoy parties, hate being drunk. I think parties are boring (especially when you are new in the country and do not have friends, lol). Every time I see Instagram stories from parties, I feel lonely and isolated. YouTube vlogs where international students talked about the same or similar problem made me realize that it is okay to feel that way.

   Another example from my experience can be that I am a big fan of Twitch streams. I suck at video games, but I enjoy watching other people play them. However, nobody from my environment is interested in that. Moreover, my friends do not understand why I like them and how I can spend hours watching random people play video games. I did not have to who to talk about my passion. But then I found fandoms on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit who share the same passion as me. Now, I know that there are people who understand me.

   Even the most basic example shows this, ask Google the most stupid question, and there will be thousands of websites on this topic.

   I hope there are more people whom the media taught this. And maybe even in this course, someone is writing a blog post on the same subject.

Thanks to the media, we are not alone.

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