Why I Heart My Media

I only love my Media sometimes. I love my Media in moments in which it helps me to overcome boarders. 

There are limits to life. There are limits to human existence. Media seems to be able to effortlessly overcome these boundaries. Not only in a crazy sci-fi sense, but in everyday life. I am currently in a long-distance relationship. If I want to see my partner, Media makes it happen. If I want to see what my friends in a different country are doing, social media makes it happen. But what is my problem with it? Why can´t I say that I am overwhelmingly in love with Media, that I am wearing rose colored glasses and that the beauty of Media overshadows all its flaws? It is hard to make sense of my feelings, but I assume it is because of some (especially social-) media aspects that have affected me very negatively in the past. I have the feeling that social media puts more limits to my life than there needs to be. 

Why do I have to look like Kendall Jenner? Why do I have to post a fit pic every day? Why did I technically not go on vacation if I did not record every second of it? Being active on social media is so encouraged in the youth of society: express yourself, be whoever you want to be. But what if that’s not me?

With Love,




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