My Media make me happy

When I was growing up, social media were a new thing. As a child, I was always taught that media were bad. Evil. That they were full of lies that would make me stupid. Full of hate that would make me insecure. I was told that the people I would meet, would only try to hurt me.

The thing is, none of this was ever true.

My media has brought a ton of positivity into my life. Positivity that I would never have experienced otherwise.

Through media I was able to connect with people from parts of my country, parts of the world I would never think I’d reach. Some of these people I kept in touch with for years and now? They are some of my closest friends. And they make me happy.

Throughout my life I moved – to different schools, different cities and now to a different country. Media made it possible for me to stay in touch with the people I love, even if we’re miles away. My friends, my family. I can see what they’re up to at any time and I can talk to them whenever I want. And that makes me happy.

Media allows me to share my art and my thoughts with others. I can connect with people who have similar interests, who agree with me, who like what I am creating. I get attention and appreciation for what I share. And that makes me happy.

In media, I can see beauty. I can discover art of all kinds, art that I would never see anywhere else. I can appreciate it and I can take inspiration from it. I can learn from it. And that makes me happy.

Do my media make me feel frustrated, angry, furious, anxious? At times. Do my media make me want to throw my phone at a wall and smash it, and make sure it never works again? Maybe. But that’s what life is. Full of emotions. The good ones and the bad ones. It’s my choice what I want to focus on. And I choose to focus on the positivity. Why? Because it makes me happy.



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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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