Why I Heart My Media

There are multiple reasons for why I “heart my media” but the main one is being able to stay connected no matter where I am. What I mean by staying connected is not about staying connected to the whole entire world but more about staying connected with the people I love. This is probably a very popular topic but I had to share my thoughts on it as well since moving abroad would be a completely different story without media.

Moving to another country is all about starting a new chapter in life, finding your own footing and surrounding yourself with a completely new set of people. This is all fun and games but, in my case, I didn’t want to completely detach myself from the life and the people I left behind in my home country. Therefore, media plays an even bigger and more important role in my life than ever before.  

Through media I’m able to follow along with the lives of my loved ones through the good and the bad and vice versa. An unbelievable number of things can happen within a short period of time and if we couldn’t stay in touch regularly, we’d struggle to catch up with everything that has happened when we finally see each other. Thankfully, we can communicate and share moments daily with the help of media and feel as if we were closer to each other physically than we actually are.  

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