Why I love media

I can comfortably say I love media. Media is a great deal of who I am. Whether it is the tv shows and movies I watch, to the comments I get from other people on social media. I am not proud to say I have fully given into media, or that even if given the chance, I still would never choose to escape it, but it is true. Media allows me to escape reality. Yes, I know, juxtaposition. Escaping reality just to get entrapped somewhere else, I am aware. When life gets hard I am just one click away from becoming and living vicariously through anyone I choose, from any movie or TV show. I know I should be worried about how I willingly entrap myself in media, knowing how dangerous it really is, but for me it is a safe place, and I love it.

Blair Waldorf and Olivia Pope shaped most of my personality, is that necessarily a good thing? Probably not, but it’s not bad either. I owe them most of my confidence. While yes maybe I was escaping reality, I was also subconsciously (well and consciously) adapting some of their personality traits, as I saw too strong women and saw who I wanted to be like. Then again my 7 year old self also saw Hannah Montana as an inspiration and from her I took my love for music, and her sense of humour (which ok maybe that one isn’t great.) Still, looking at people you admire, even if they are fictional, and taking some of their positive features isn’t a negative thing. The problem is now that I am saying this I’m questioning which parts of my personality are real and authentically me and which ones I subconsciously took from all the media around me? Probably almost none are originally mine, which yes it’s sad, but it’s also reality. Media affects us so much that we not only don’t know what is real anymore, but we don’t even know which parts of us are real and authentically us. 

There are many small ways I love media. I can have music on my phone and listen to it when I am out, I can read on my phone without having to buy new books, I can call my family and friends, I can rant about my life on private Snapchat stories about things probably nobody cares about but I still do it because I can. I also really love media and in specific Taylor Swift as because of her, her lyrics and her modern feminist icon(ness), I was able to do an easy but wonderful Extended Essay for IB. While other people were doing economics, historical wars, and complicated biological analysis, I was listening to Taylors complete discography, (I only see positives here.) That was also the essay that showed me I really love and am comfortable living in media.

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