This year was different than any other I lived. Trapped alone in the countryside during the pandemic was quite a challenge. If we think about this scenario, it seems quite uneventful or basically dull. But if we think about it for more than 5 minutes, we should come to a very interesting conclusion. Is there any way we can feel BORED these days? Haven’t we got in our hands the most powerful machines with unlimited knowledge? They have many forms. Some of them are smaller, some of them are complicated and some of there are startling. Yes, I am talking about media. 

If you are a voyager, you wander around the world sometimes without any preparations. You meet new people, you learn new languages, you hear about the things you wouldn’t probably ever heard in any other place. Traveler is one of the most amazing ‘labels’ someone can have in my eyes. When I think about it more, I see a person full of passion, spontaneous, every new challenge is their new opportunity to grow. I can say I have always been that person, but pandemic has thought me that I don’t have to go one thousand miles with my backpack to travel. Think about it more, you have your laptop probably in front of you, right? What have you always dreamed of? Having friends all over the world, or maybe learning Chinese? Everything I have just mentioned is possible with few clicks on your device. We have unlimited access to things that we even don’t think about.

During quarantine, I thought I will start a ‘revolution from my bed’. Seems weird, quite ‘lazy’ someone would say. Having limited choices, at first, I thought why wouldn’t I start making money out of the internet. Yes, I did that. Then, I thought let’s meet some new friends, I always wanted to go to Italy. Yes, I did that too. I spend two days in Italy with my friends thanks to the Couchsurfing app (and of course my hosts). Then I got into abroad universities, found an amazing job, pass some marketing courses, or even play a role in advertisements. Everything I have just mentioned, I owe to the media. You see, I believe if you use media, but then you transfer what you gain there, to real-life- you do everything perfectly. You know how to use media if they benefit you positively in any way. Maybe you spend hours on TikTok, that’s fine, if you learn something this way. We cannot label media as ‘good or bad’. Everything can be labeled that way, focus on what are they giving you and what they are taking from you. If the media gives you more than they take, you are a winner!

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