Do I love the media, or do I hate it?

Love is a broad concept; everyone thinks about love in a different way. But I’m just stating the obvious. 

Hate is the opposite of love, yet some people perceive love as a feeling of hatred. What is the actual definition of love? Is it having a great passion for something or someone; or perhaps feeling some kind of way for something or someone? There are many different ways to which you can define ‘love’ and every one of them can be true. 

You can’t talk about today’s generation without mentioning the media; it’s everywhere. People either hate or love the media. The media can be great for certain things such as uploading memories that you don’t want to lose or sharing funny posts with your best friend, but the media can also be an unwelcoming place for some people which makes them ‘hate’ the media. The media can be a safe place for you to share memories with family and friends, but it can also be dangerous if you’re sharing ‘too much’.

I personally have a love-hate relationship with the media. Some days all I want to do is be on the media, other days all I want to do is switch off my phone and disconnect myself completely from the media. One of the reasons the media makes me happy is because I get to stay in-touch with my friends when I’m not with them. Friends I haven’t seen in a while, but the media gives me the opportunity to keep sharing the memories with those people that I couldn’t experience them with. The media is also a perfect place for people to share happy moments of their life, which is also something I enjoy doing sometimes; it’s a way of staying social.

Even though the media makes me happy, it also makes me ‘angry’ or ‘hateful’ sometimes. Many people are arguing against the fact that the media is an addictive place to be in andeven though I love the media, I still prefer ‘living without it’. Of course it’s impossible and I wouldn’t be able to completely live without it, however, I do prefer socializing with people in person. Socializing with friends where you can see their facial expressions and know how they’re feeling the moment you have a conversation. With this said, I do believe some people can be ‘addicted’ to the media to a certain level, but personally, I’m thankful that I am not.

The media sometimes gets me angry at the fact that all some people do is spend their entire day on the media, which in my opinion, is not healthy. But most importantly, I get angry when not every person in the media gets treated the same. There is a lot of cyberbullying going on, and that is one of the reasons many people think of hatred when it comes to the media; and I agree. 

So do I love the media, or do I hate it?

At times I feel completely happy in the environment of the media, but other times, it gets me angry at the fact that it can waste my time when I should probably be studying rather than watching videos that aren’t relevant to anything. So as I said before, I love the media, but I also hate it.



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