why i heart my media (i think)

Media can be a lot. Literally. It can be fun, jolly, heart-warming, heart-breaking and even gut-wrenching. But most of the time, it’s just a way of wasting hours and hours. Am I saying this is bad? No. While using media, we are constantly learning new things. Those ‘things’ can mean anything. New words, new cultures, new things you hate, new things you love, new artists, new facts. And who will argue that learning is a bad thing? Social media has made us believe that spending a lot of time on that particular media platform is a thing you must not do and even something you should be ashamed of. But everyone deals with things in their own way. What I do is not much different than the rest of us. I watch endless useless YouTube videos and drown myself in my favourite music to cope with everything I don’t want to think of for a moment. And even in that very moment, I learn new things. I learn that with media, you’re never alone. And that’s why I heart my media.

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