Even though I crave to disconnect, when I am able to disconnect, I also crave connecting again. 

It is a saviour which helps me to take my mind off anxiety triggering things. 

It is a place which enables you to record how you have grown.

It is frightening because it has a lot of aspects that I cannot control which can control me.

It is a way to keep in touch with my friends and family, even if we are in different timezones, you feel like you are right next to them. 

It is a medium which I feel like I am missing out so many things without it. 

It helps me to find almost any type of information I need.

It has so many problems that doesn’t have a solution yet.

Thinking about it you question reality, yourself, your freedom, your originality…

Media is like a toxic ex: it serves you positive things which makes you bond to them even more but it has also many negative sides. You want to get rid of them when you were together but after your break up, you miss their presence.

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