The Fine Line Between Hearting and Hating Media

When it comes to media, I believe there is no way of distinguishing whether you truly appreciate or despise it. 

For example, I adore being able to communicate with others wherever they are, and whenever I want. However, you can sometimes find yourself prioritizing that online conversation rather than the in person one that’s right in front of your nose. Also, it is amazing to be able to watch any piece of media you want within seconds, yet sometimes you can’t stop yourself from doing so for hours and hours and it becomes almost draining. 

Media can be an infinite source of information, inspiration, fun and entertainment but it can also be a source of stress or overwhelmingness. 

There is a difference between being present within the media and finding yourself consumed by it. Finding the perfect balance is what’s important to me but I still have work to do to achieve that goal.

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