Why I like media

I like media because it makes connecting to other people easy. I have family and friends spreaded all over the world and it is incredible how within a few seconds you can connect with one regarding the distance or time zones. 

My favourite thing about connecting to others through media is when you can share any experience through a screen with no restrictions of distance. I often Face-Time my family or friends and just act as they are present in the room, just digitally. For example when cooking dinner or walking outside in nature. It makes it so natural.  

We talk, share our daily lives and just enjoying each others digital presence. 

My grandmother who is over 80 years old often comments on how fantastic it is to connect with her family via videocalls. During the pandemic we could not visit her due restrictions and video calls were the only way we could actually see each other and keep connected. 

Additionally, media makes it so much easier to connect with complete strangers online. Just by having same sense of humour or shared interests you can easily make friends for life. As we all know Paris is often seen as the city of love, but I think people do not realise how many people move to The Netherlands because of founded love online.  There is an entire community of long distance friends and relationships that help each other to feel as present to their loved ones as possible. Many call while they watch the same tv-show or a video, game together etc. 


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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