If we were to ask anyone the question, “What is love?” they would most likely all respond in a completely different way. Love could be things like attraction, romance, nostalgia, sorrow, or even hatred. These elements signify that love can be defined by how one feels, and there is truly no formal explanation for it. 

The same goes for if we ask someone, whether or not they love the media. This is because for instance, one of my most commonly used medium social media, allows us to connect with our loved ones far away. Likewise, this also means that we are connected to people we no longer want to stay in touch with, and to many we don’t even know. Whether we are aware or unaware of these relationships, what we can say is that we both love and despise the opportunities the media can bring us, and these feelings that arise are not fixed.  

What does this mean? I feel that this demonstrates how one’s attraction towards the media can perhaps leave one in that uncanny feeling. Just as how people can not define “love” in one way, I believe that these split views we associate with the media follow a similar matter. For this reason, I can not say that I love or hate the media because there is no better or worse or an emotion that can simply be placed on the left or right side of a spectrum. 

Nevertheless, what I can say is that being a media zombie myself, I do want to connect with people on a deeper level, not through devices, avatars, or icons but through non-physical and undefinable entities such as empathy, care, and love which is perhaps also shaped by the media.

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