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Media is so versatile but it’s hard to comprehend whether I say that with optimism or pessimism. Being surrounded by all-encompassing media is a bit overwhelming with its constant existence, however my life seems to be split between online and offline. It’s like I try to stay away from media and its social aspects, but I also have the tendency to fully drown myself into its content.

Most days I use my phone to interact with friends and my family back home, but then I check my screen time and cut myself off for a bit. Now Im questioning if media is beneficial to the lifestyle I want to live. My whole life starts online where I text my friends and then continues offline where I meet them, but media suppresses all the energy and motivation I have.

The days I like media I notice its benefits, like communication, social media content and entertainment, and this helps my boredom. But this association I have with media seems superficial. It exists to entertain and thats about it. Media being unreliable with accuracy of content does not help me in any way as I am constantly hearing opinions from people gaining knowledge from inaccurate sources and it just drives me apart from them. I’m not sure if its a blessing or a curse, but I do believe that its omnipresence is important nonetheless.

Media has shaped me and formed my identity but most importantly, it has informed me about the world and its current events, about other people, friends and content creators and about ongoing trends. I need its ubiquity, but I also need withdrawal.

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