Why i “HEART” my Media

Media is everywhere. Whether we are at University, at concerts, in grocery stores, or even during our most intimate and personal time of the day, on the toilet. It’s astonishing to see how we automatically grab our smartphone if we leave the house, or go on social media the first thing in the morning – if you ask me its even more terrifying how this has become part of a routine to most of us. Of course, if you ask me, i am blessed and happy to have access to media and be part of a living culture, however, it scares me how obsessed we can get, how we are automatically missing out on a life like we used to know, how time consuming media has become to us, subconsciously.

I miss getting those house phone calls from my next door neighbors asking if i have time to hangout, I miss spending time outside in nature without any distractions of people saying “what was your Insta name, I need to tag you in my story!” or going out for Lunch or dinner without having to wait for my company to be done getting the “perfect shot” and angle of the served food. It has created a type of frustration I need to deal with personally. Im not saying I don’t post my activities or food on instagram but it just has become a routine that we live in which we cant even imagine living without. Is Sad, to think about how media manages us, how media empowers us but also how media intimidates us, how we try and stay up to date to the latest fashion trends but automatically compare ourselves to others?! This seems strange but it is our reality we live in. We always deny the fact that Media makes us compare ourselves to others but it manipulates our brains and forces us to subconsciously think “bad” about ourselves or other people. There are plenty more examples I could blabber on for days but even the fact that I criticizing Media makes me angry that it has such a massive impact on me.

In my opinion I cant say I love Media, or I heart media, thats why I put the heart in apostrophes because i have a love hate relationship with media. On one hand I “LOVE” media for it allowing us to share our experiences and connecting with people all around the world, for keeping us up to date on nearly everything, for helping me procrastinate while i should be studying etc. But on the other hand I “HATE” Media because it consumes too much time of our precious time that we will never get back, all those hours scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok, or sending ugly snaps to friends or even swiping on Tinder, no one will ever give us back that time we wasted on Media, not even Media itself can ever give us back the time we’ve spent on it. Its sad and terrifying to think about how we are letting our time past while media has the power over us.

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