Media and a child’s dream

When I was a child, my parents were always busy due to work, so they often couldn’t go home to accompany me. Therefore, a DVD projector at home was my greatest joy when my parents were not at home. I can still remember that I watched many animations and movies on the projector: TransformersTitanicAstro BoyPokémonThe best in ChineseBlack Jack, and so on. These animations and movies have brought me a lot of happiness, each one of them brought me into a fantasy world, and at the same time, these stories gave me unlimited imagination of life.

When I grew up, I found that these experiences in contact with the media were extremely valuable. In the creation of my media works, I always think of the films I watched when I was a child. They sometimes touch me, sometimes make me happy, or sometimes make me sad, but without exception, these stories buried a dream in my heart: Using the media to bring happiness to others.

The media is the art of making dreams. With the help of the media, people can escape from ordinary daily life. We can see those shocking scenes or legendary stories. We can see the starry night sky, the abysmal sea, and the vast universe. Their imagination turned into reality and spread to others through media.

This is why I choose to study Media. I hope that someday in the future, my works can also bring happiness and dreams to others.

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