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Currently torn between downloading tinder or not. I’m thinking of all the endless possibilities tinder can offer but would that mean the end of real romance? there’s so many people you can meet through tinder that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise but is that good or bad? You get in a loop of choices thinking that there might always be someone better fitted (see humans as choices.. i mean really?) People can pretend to be anyone they want online, use someone else’s identity, to lying about anything, talk to each other for months even years but could that be seen as falling in love blindly? You connect with someone on a deeper level thinking they look a specific way but even if they don’t how does that cancel the connection you had? there’s one thing for sure though, there’s no more love at first sign with its traditional meaning. You now compete with hundreds- are you going to end up being the funniest, most beautiful smart generous one to make it and become the one? Sounds like we’re all going through the bachelorette show in order to find love. We might not all have cool stories to tell our kids on how we met our loved one, since meeting through tinder is definitely not the coolest story to have, but it might last and it might be even more real than others who fell in love at first sign. So its up to you to make your choice to download tinder or not. Seriously though do i download it or not? -12726044


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