Why i heart my media

When i thought about the reason I love my media I instantly knew what to write. When I was 11 years old my best friend who I have known since I was born, moved to Hongkong. It was quite a big change because we did almost everything together and suddenly I only saw him for 3 weeks a year.

I had an Ipad at the time which I really only used to play angry birds and temple run and stuff like that. We sometimes used our devices to text each other but after a while that didn’t really work anymore because of the huge time difference and the slow reactions of the both of us. Our parents came up with the idea of using Skype. We could talk to each other and see each other at the same time which was a nice thing because we both got older and our appearances were obviously changing. Of course the skyping didn’t last for years but it was nice to see each other now and then.

Last year, after 9 years, my friend moved back to the Netherlands. We now both live in Amsterdam and our friendship is better than ever. I’m not saying that Skype is the reason our friendship lasted after all these years but it certainly helped both of us at the time. This is why I heart my media.


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