Why I heart my media

I realized that I only started thinking about my media and its impact on me when I start taking this course. As I was brainstorming for this blog post I noticed that media has been benefiting my life since a very young age. I found it interesting that I’ve never reflected on my love for my media before, as using it has become a habit & a common practice in my life. But this blog allowed me to reflect on my own media and appreciate everything its done for me.

Going back six years ago, when I moved away from my home country and started living in the Netherlands ever since. 11 year old me thought this was the worst thing that could possibly happen, as I didn’t yet understand the power of my devices. What I didn’t expect is to maintain such strong relationships with my friends and family till this day. My devices have given me so many opportunities to maintain strong ties with everyone back home. I am able to call, FaceTime and text them every now and then. This has reassured me that every time I visit nothing has changed, and our relationship is as strong as it was before the move. This is why I love my media, because even living in different contents couldn’t affect my relationships. Not only can I interact and connect with everyone, but I can also bring them along with all the experiences I’ve had in The Netherlands whether thats by posting on my social media or telling them about it through the phone.

Another reason why I love my media is that it has allowed me to document important experiences I have had through out my life. Due to camera I have been able to document significant moments of my life. Whether it was a moment where I was experiencing something new or if it was a moment where I felt happy, proud excited etc. My media has made it possible for me to look back on my memories, and has given me a nostalgic feeling. As I am able to relive these moments and re-experience the same emotions I had at the time. Not only can I look back on all my past experiences, I am also able to share these moments with people I care about through my social media. Which has made me feel more connected, as I am sharing intimate parts of my life with them. Due to cameras I can re-live some of my experiences which I forgot even happened. For example I can look back at my younger self and get to know her better.

Overall, I would say I love my media due to these reasons. I believe that all the positive aspects of my media makes me forgot the times where my devices decided to stop working when I needed it the most. Also makes me accept the fact I live in public, or that I’ve become more addicted to my devices.



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