Why do I heart the media? Thing is I dont even know , some days it`s my favorite thing , I am online all day long and some days I feel like throwing away every device I own . I would call that a love-hate relationship.

Sometimes media is a huge part of my life , for example , after I create music and I want people to hear it , media is my best friend it becomes the only way for me to get people to hear my music . I post about it online on every platform possible and that is how I move forward with my music career – if you can even call it that- . Media keeps me connected to the world , while in lockdown last year I was able to play a few shows online and that kept me sane during that time , without the media that would have never been possible . I reached new people online and really expanded my audience , before , all my listeners were romanians so from my home country but now when I check my Spotify stats I see people from all over the world and that is abosulutely insane , something that could not have happened without the media .

As much as I rely on media everyday I sometimes want to take a step back and disconnect from everything . I scroll through Instagram every day and that always gets me down because without even realizing it I start to compare myself with everyone I see on the app – living the dream life – and I keep wondering what am I doing wrong , why can`t I achive that life . This made me come to the conclusion that I need to balance my media use , I should keep on using it for for promoting my music and connecting with other musicians because that is my safe space -music- .

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