10 Things I Hate About You

I hate your products based on the stereotypes of my race which made me feel embarrassed of my identity for a while.

I hate the way you always praise flawlessly beautiful people and make me insecure about my appearance.

I also hate the way that you make me feel like a loser by comparing behind the scenes of my life and highlights of others’ lives.

I hate you for making me feel FOMO with all the happy people enjoying their moments on social media.

And that you repeatedly showed sexually objectified women with limited plain roles which oppressed me to act in a certain way as a woman is also a thing that I hate.

I sometimes hate you for all the exaggerated ads that encourage impulsive shopping just for vanity.

I hate the way you let people harm each other behind the mask of anonymity and the way you endlessly reproduce and solidified certain social standards leading us to live in a uniform way.

I hate that everything I mentioned above just deeply pervaded my life even before I could realize it.

Moreover, I hate the way that I rely on you so heavily despite all the drawbacks that you bring.

But mostly, I hate the fact that I cannot hate you completely but that I have to admit that you also bring joy and entertain me, let me be able to contact my family and my friends when I’m far from home, archive the precious memories of my life, make me often realize who I am and who I want to be by those negative feelings I get from you.

Inspired by the movie <10 Things I Hate About You>

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