My relationship with media

Media.. my complicated relationship with it has been ongoing for several years now since we are constantly surrounded by it and I still don’t know whether I love it or hate it. Either way, love it or hate it one thing is sure.. you can’t avoid it. From waking up to the sound of your alarm to using google maps or watching a movie almost everything nowadays is a form of media. I think its fascinating how technology has given us the opportunity to be able to create platforms such as instagram, twitter, gmail, whatsapp and so many others which have changed the way we communicate not only with one another but the way our society and businesses work. I must say that I do love media because it’s inspiriting and allows for new types of creativity but at the same time dislike it because more and more things are becoming digitalised and online which can actually disconnect us more in person.

On a more personal level like so many of us I love media because it’s comforting, being a student is challenging and it can be lonely sometimes but listening to your favourite song, scrolling through pictures or even watching a sitcom tends to help. Media has the ability to transport you completely from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. I always get that feeling when I watch movies or read a good book because the worlds created in these stories are so vivid that once you’ve finished them you feel strange and out of place because you have been mentally in another reality for a couple of hours. Almost all media types allow you to be transported into another world which is one of my favourite things about it there’s only one which I’m not too sure about: social media. I like the idea of it and it really has made our lives easier when it comes to keeping in touch with people and seeing what they are up to but I sometimes I hate it.

I hate it because it allows us to compare ourselves and not always in a realistic way. Sometimes I get the urge to delete all my accounts but then I never do because I know I would feel out of the loop almost as if I was missing out. I think it’s amazing that we can capture moments when we take pictures or videos because that means we can keep them forever and allows us to be transported to how we felt, who we were and what we were doing in that very moment. I know that at least I do when I look back at pictures from a year ago I remember what it was like and if I’m honest without the help of pictures or social media maybe my memories wouldn’t be that vivid anymore. But I hate that we feel the need to post about it, to show others what a great time we’re having or just to keep up. I hate that when we go to places like a concert or a party everyone is filming and has their phones out…but then again I am guilty of this too. I think it’s nice to want to capture moments but maybe overdoing it can even ruin a moment before its even over.

The wold of media is not only relevant now but its the future so its important to know how to use it and learn to have a healthy relationship with it because like it or not its not disappearing anytime soon. I do heart my media more than I hate it, there’s only split seconds when it annoys me or I feel like I use it too much but its moments like those that scare me as to how much media could take over in the next few years and whether it will continue to develop into something positive and innovative or not. All in all my relationships with media certainly isn’t over and I’m learning how to use it in a way that I can appreciate it since I really do love media and a career in media will be exciting because media is the future.

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